Building the Future



Mary is a well-known professional in Toronto whose multi-dimensional educational backgrounds and community experiences equip her with the most unique skills as a real estate agent. Mary is also a programmer, public speaker, philanthropist, creative writer, and CEO & Founder of the Sheen for She Foundation.

Community Leadership

Mary’s philanthropic and advocacy work has demonstrated far-reaching impacts across multiple regions in Ontario. Mary has been featured in CBC, Toronto Star, BlogTO, and other media platforms.

Toronto Real Estate

Mary is a real estate agent with unique specialties and an understanding of the fast-paced real estate market that can help clients buy or sell their homes like no other agent.


Mary’s talents with software and technology provide clients with a multi-faceted and modern experience with real estate, from in-house marketing to customized resources.


Mary is an public speaker who delivers important presentations on her revolutionary theory of self-care, public policies, STEM, and women’s and children issues.


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(437) 997 – 4336